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UWCT Finals Jersey

Also visit official Marathon Franja website


Airport transfer information:

We will organize airport transfer for this event.

There are the following options:

1.      Shuttle transfer per person 9,00 EUR (bike additional 8,00 EUR)
2.      Individual taxi transfer 32,00 EUR per taxi

All prior reservations can also include inside pick up with a name sign for ease of transfer.

For reservations please contact: email: zavbi.andrej@gmail.com or mobile +386 31 333 777 or +386 41 344 444

We have prepared interactive maps for easier navigation...

    * Google maps start/finish
    * Via Michellin navigation
    * Google maps cycling route
    * Najdi.si map

We have prepared list of hotels where you can get special discount if you register using code Marathon Franja. Listed hotels can also arrange bike storage.



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